How to become a scientific entrepreneur in Göttingen

Am 5. März findet erstmals das gemeinsame Veranstaltungsangebot "How to become a scientific entrepreneur in Göttingen" der Universität Göttingen; des SNIC Life Science Accelerator und des Max-Planck-Institut für biophysikalische Chemie für alle Wissenschaftler der MPI Institute statt.

We are offering an afternoon of information:

The University of Göttingen, Office for Cooperation and Innovation (Feodora Lenz)
o    Funding for applied research projects
o    Startup support at the Göttingen Campus
SNIC Life Science Accelerator (Isabella Gekel)
o    Life Science startups and young companies less than 5 years of age
o    Professional business consultancy support and office space free of charge
o    Access to business and financial partners
IndiScale GmbH (Henrik tom Wörden, Timm Fitschen)
o    MPI Startup founded in 2019
o    Offers individual and scalable research data management
o    Product: software toolkit LinkAhead
Life Science Factory (Petra Runge-Wollmann)
o    Life science incubator: co-working space, dry lab for prototyping and events in the city center
o    Networking with international experts, mentors and investors
o    Individual support and workshops for life science start-ups
Max Planck Innovation GmbH (Dieter Treichel)
o    Responsible for technology transfer from the research institutes of the Max Planck Society
o    Advice in assessing inventions and filing of patents
o    Supports the foundation and formation of companies

The talks will be in English language - German questions or contributions are welcome.

After the session there is time for individual consulting.
If you are interested please let us now before by email.

How to become a scientific entrepreneur in Göttingen

Donnerstag den 5.03.2020 um 14:00 Uhr


Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (MPI-BPC)
Am Faßberg 11